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Thousands of islands with special cultures make up Indonesia, so it is no surprise that Balinese meals is just as diverse. To complement your excursion ride in Bali, you would now not prefer to pass over out on some of its most popular dishes. Our listing of Balinese food to try consist of interesting and exotic picks such as lawar (minced meat salad), bebek betutu (roast duck), sate lilit (Balinese satay), and the island’s famed babi guling (whole spit-roast pig). The Balinese have a prosperous collection of snacks, desserts and truffles for your sweet tooth too.

1 Sate (satay) varieties

Sate (or satay) are marinated, skewered and grilled meats served with spicy sauce. The meat typically consist of diced or sliced chicken, goat, mutton, beef and pork, but you'll also locate satay that's made with fish, tofu, eggs or minced blends. Bali’s variant is the sate lilit. Made from minced beef, chicken, fish, pork, or even turtle meat, it's additionally blended with coconut, coconut milk, and a rich combination of greens and spices. The satay is then wrapped round bamboo, sugarcane or lemongrass sticks before it is grilled over charcoal. You can experience sate lilit with or barring sauce.

2 Nasi ayam and nasi campur

Bali’s own take on hen rice, nasi ayam and nasi campur can be located served at many warungs (small eateries) and eating places throughout the island. The dish is primarily white rice served with different elements of Balinese food, such as a portion of babi guling (roast suckling pig) or betutu (spiced chicken or duck), blended vegetables, and a dab of spicy sambal matah (Balinese sauce). Nasi ayam and nasi campur are sometimes served with a bowl of soup. For these who do no longer desire it too spicy, genuinely ask for it except the sambal.

3 Bebek and ayam betutu

Betutu is the slow-cooked equal of Bali’s babi guling (roast suckling pig). Suitable for those who don’t eat pork, this iconic Balinese dish consists of a entire fowl (ayam) or duck (bebek) stuffed with normal spices, wrapped in banana leaves, then enveloped tight in the bark of a banana trunk. The complete aspect is baked or buried in a coal furnace for 6 to 7 hours, ensuing in a prosperous and juicy meat that effortlessly separates from the bones.

4 Babi guling

Babi guling is an all-time favourite, consisting of spit-roast pig stuffed with wealthy typical spices and vegetable mixes such as cassava leaves, slowly rolled over (guling potential "to roll" in Indonesian) a coal fire. The crisp brown skins are prized, while the meat is a tender and juicy treat. At first, the dish used to be a communal treat at some point of special festivities and ceremonies, but now babi guling can be observed extensively served at warungs and restaurants specialising in this dish.

5 Tahu and tempeh

Among the most versatile of meals items, tahu (tofu) and tempeh come in unique preparations - some as savoury snacks, and others as accompaniments and primary direction dishes. These soybean curds can also be fried, stuffed and battered. Many Indonesian cuisines, specially rice dishes, include tempeh crackers. Some of the first-class tahu snacks are the stuffed and fried versions, which usually encompass a combination similar to spring rolls

6 Jimbaran seafood
The Best Food In Indonesia Traditional

Beachside cafés on Muaya Beach in Jimbaran Bay typically serve grilled seafood, ranging from shrimp, clams, crabs, calamari, lobsters and a huge assortment of fish. But in terms of taste, the secret lies in each of the café owner’s recipes of barbecue sauce and condiments – usually in the structure of selfmade sambal, which has at the same time turn out to be acknowledged as “sambal seafood – Jimbaran style”. From sweet-sour blends to the typical warm and spicy, tasting is believing when it comes to Jimbaran seafood.

7 Pepes and tum
10 The Best Food In Indonesia Traditional

Pepes is an Indonesian Sundanese cooking method using banana leaf as food wrappings. The small package is sealed with thin bamboo sticks at each ends before it is steamed, boiled or grilled. It is most commonly used to prepare fish as pepes ikan, but meat, chicken, tofu or veggies are frequent ingredients as well. Tum takes on a one-of-a-kind form, with the wrapping folded and stitched at one pinnacle end, and is usually steamed. Tum normally contains minced pork mixed with spiced paste. The use of banana leaves provides an fragrant and true Balinese flavour to pepes and tum.

8 Lawar
10 The Best Food In Indonesia Traditional

Lawar is a traditional mix of finely chopped meat, vegetables, grated coconut and spices. In some areas, lawar is organized with fresh blood blended with meat and spices to strengthen the flavour. The dish is typically served without delay after preparation as it cannot be kept long. There are 2 primary types of lawar – white and red. The white model appeals to vegans and vegetarians as it does not have meat or blood..

9 Traditional cakes and desserts
10 The Best Food In Indonesia Traditional

Traditional cakes are together called jajanan pasar (traditional market cakes), at the start used to accompany ceremonial offerings, however are accessible as daily coffee time favourites. There are masses of jajanan pasar to pick from, which are normally made with rice flour, glutinous rice, sugar, coconut and tropical fruits. Some of the most frequent desserts in Bali include wajik (sticky rice cake), pancong (rice flour and coconut milk cake), jaja batun bedil (glutinous rice balls in palm sugar soup), bubuh injin (black glutinous rice porridge), pisang rai (steamed banana), and kelepon (coconut-covered rice cake with liquid palm sugar).

10 Nasi goreng
10 The Best Food In Indonesia Traditional

Nasi goreng is Indonesia's fried rice, one of the nation's most exceptional dishes. The dish is pre-steamed rice stir-fried with a combination of meats and vegetables, ranging from scrambled eggs, diced beef, strips of chicken, shrimp, anchovies, lamb, crab, green peas, onions, shallots and a mixture of kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) and hot chilli sauce. The presentation normally features the traditional toppings – sliced tomatoes and/or cucumber, fried shallots, fish or shrimp krupuk (crackers), and acar (mixed pickles).

10 The Best Food In Indonesia And Bali Traditional Food

Home » musik » Backsound Musik Untuk Presentasi
Backsound Musik Untuk Presentasi

Memilih backsound Musik Instrumental Untuk Presentasi anda. Musik merupakan unsur penting sebagai bagian dari sebuah presentasi ataupun seminar. ESQ, brainstorming dan presentasi-presentasi lain tidak sempurna jika tidak didukung dengan musik yang benar-benar pas. Musik yang sendu akan membawa pada suasana terkonsentrasi dan secara tidak langsung akan menghipnotis para pendengar untuk mengikuti semua yang akan kita katakan.
Nah.. Bagaimana cara memilih musik instrumental yang pas untuk presentasi kita. Kita harus menyesuaikan juga dengan materi yang dibawakan. Misalnya anda melakukan presentasi ESQ maka sebaiknya kita memilih musik yang sendu dan santai. Tetapi jika presentasi yang kita bawakan adalah presentasi bisnis atau presentasi-presentasi lain maka pilihlah musik yang cukup rancak tetapi tidak keterlaluan. Karena jika musiknya terlalu rancak maka justru akan membuat para peserta seminar ataupun presentasi tidak dapat berkonsentrasi dengan materi yang kita bawakan.
Silahkan anda download musiknya di 4shared atau berbagai website file sharing lain. 

Untuk presentasi ESQ, Brainstorming gunakan backsound musik sbb
Kitaro : Caravansary
Kitaro : Silk Road
Haddad Alwi : Instrumental do'aku
Celline Dion : My Heart Will Goon
Kenny G : My Hearth Will Goon.
Kenny G : Forever In Love.
Kenny G : You Raise Me Up

Untuk Presentasi Bisnis, gunakan backsound berikut 
Kenny G : Semua Musik Instrumennya kecuali di atas
Kitaro : Matsuri
Dan masih banyak yang lainnya. Untuk presentasi lainnya silahkan utak-atik sendiri. Dengarkan, sekiranya cocok anda bisa saja menggunakan musik tersebut sebagai background untuk menemani presentasi anda.

Download Lagu Untuk Backsound Video Presentasi Paling Keren

Kesal pastinya apabila kita pelanggan setia internet Smartfren merasakan jaringan koneksinya putus-putus yang membuat kita tak nyaman dalam dunia internet online. Padahal kita ingin secara leluasa menggunakan internet secara nyaman dan tanpa adanya kendala dalam menggunakan paketan inteernet, seperti halnya smartfren Unlimted yang masih ramai digunakan oleh banyak konsumenn.

Dari beberapa kendala itulah kita pastinya berfikir bagaimana sih caranya hack paketan internet unlimited smartfren terbaru di 2019-2020 ini nantinya. Yuk kita simak hack ataupun bagaimana agar sambungan koneksi internet smartfren tidak putus-putus sehingga kita bisa dengan cepat dalam online. Berikut cara mempercepat koneksi internet  pada smartfren ataupun hp bawaan andromak berbagai jenisnya.

ISP yang satu ini memang sudah menjadi primadona koneksi internet untuk keperluan browsing. Dengan harga modem yang murah hanya 199rb kita sudah dapat menikamati online sepuasnya selama 24Jam penuh selama 1 bulan dengan speed 384 Kbps. Bahkan sekarang Smarfren sudah men-cover area di seluruh pelosok negeri. Salah satu keunggulan ISP adalah speednya, Coba anda bayangkan Contohnya seperti Modem EC1260-2 dan EC1261-2 ini dibandrol dengan harga murah, hanya 300rb’an dan anda akan dapat menikmati akses internet berkecepatan 3.1Mbps. Sayangnya untuk saat ini FUP sudah berlaku. FUP adala batas wajar anda memakai koneksi tersebut. Sampai penulis menuliskan Blog ini FUP harian yang diberlakukan pihak Smartfren adalah 200MB/Hari, Jadi jika kita over quota atau mendownload diatas 200Mb/Hari kecepatan akan turun secara otomatis ke batas yang ditentukan.
Karena saking banyaknya yang memakai dan 1 BTS saja bisa diakses oleh ratusan orang maka koneksi ini jadi rawan lemot. Terkadang koneksi 384Kbps sama sekali tidak dapat digunakan browsing. Untuk menyiasati hal itu cobalah tips dan trik di bawah ini.

Gantilah DNS anda dengan DNS Jumper.

Ini adalah tool portable tapi bermanfaat. Cara kerja DNS changer ini adalah merubah DNS IP kita ke DNS baru yang akan kita pakai. Silahkan Download Tool Portable di bawah ini. DNS Changer ini telah saya sesuaikan dengan DNS yang bisa dipakai ISP Smarfren, Yaitu DNS Google, DNS Nawala, Open DNS dan DNS beberapa DNS smarfren itu sendiri.
Download DNS Jumper
Caranya cukup mudah, anda tinggal klik DNS tercepat dan pakai DNS, untuk lebih mantapnya anda bisa Flush DNS setelah klik pakai DNS supaya Cache DNS dalam komputer anda terhapus.

Gunakan Proxy Smartfren tercepat

Cara ini sering penulis pakai saat DNS sedang mengalami masalah. untuk mengganti proxy browser anda silahkan buka setting browser .
Buka browser Tool -> Option -> Advance -> pada sub-tab Network Klik Setting .
Isi setting berikut ini :
Manual Proxy Configuration, isikan dengan IP dan Port 8080, Use all.. dan Klik Apply.

Ping DNS aktif secara terus menerus

Cara ini lumayan berguna juga karena kelemahan dari ISP ini adalah shared connection wireless maka rawan putus koneksi.
Caranya : buka menu Run lewat start menu atau dengan shortcut Windows + R dan ketik ping -t

maka akan tampil jendela command promth seperti ini.

lalu minimize dan biarkan jendala ping tersebut berjalan di balik layar selama anda browsing. Jendela tersebut menunjukkan respon seberapa cepatkan DNS tersebut dapat dicapai oleh modem kita makin sedikit ms (milisecond) maka makin bagus koneksinya. Memang kalau lagi benar-benar lola ping bisa sampai 2000ms lebih.
Kalau pengen cepat anda bisa membuat file bat dari instruksi di atas. Caranya buka notepad -> ketikkan ping -t -> simpan file tersebut dengan extensi .bat, yaitu pilih all file dan tulis nama file misalkan ping.bat. Jadi kalau kita browsing bisa langsung klik dua kali file ping.bat tersebut.
Atau anda bisa membuat File PING.bat.

Gunakan Proxy Cache

Proxy Cache adalah program dimana browser akan mengambil file dari hardisk di komputer lokal/komputer yang sedang kita pakai. Keuntungan memakai program ini adalah bandwidth dan kuota kita yang sedikit  bisa terasa sangat cepat dan irit. Jika dilingkungan Linux Proxy cache yang digunakan adalah Squid yang dipasangkan di Distro Ubuntu atau FreeBSD, di windows kita juga bisa menginstallnya. Proxy yang bisa berjalan di lingkungan windows sebagai contoh SquidNT dan HandyCache. Dari sisi penggunaan saya lebih memilih HandyCache karena HandyCache sanggup mencache Video dan Hasil Cachenya bisa kita kopi dengan mudah. Sampai saat ini HandyCache penulis sudah memuat lebih dari 10.000 File foto dan Video dari Facebook dan Youtube.
Silahkan download HandyCache di Websitenya .
Download HandyCache Portable

Install Speed Connect Accelerator

Tool ini secara prinsip mensetting Registry Adapter sesuai dengan kebutuhan modem. Jika settingan dianggap tidak sesuai maka software ini akan memberikan notifikasi. Salah satu yang unik dari software ini adalah tersedianya Koneksi Meter di sebelah kanan atas. Jadi berapa bandwidth yang sedang berjalan terlihat di speed monitor tersebut.
Silahkan Download Programnya di Sini.
Download Speed Connect Accelerator

Semoga trik mempercepat koneksi smartfren yang saya suguhkan beguna. 

Smartfren Putus-Putus Begini Cara Mempercepat Koneksi Internet Unlimited (Hack)

Membuat template mikrotik hostpot memang bisa dikatakan susah, bagi yang beum memahi atau awam dengan coding. Nah untuk meminimalisir kesuitan itu atau hanya ingin sekedar memilih seperti apa yang cocok dan keren untuk di download dan digunakan sebagai desai template mikrotik hostpot kai ini komputer akan sedikit memberikan gambar-gambar desain dan bisa kalian download secara gratis.

Salah satu koleksi template Keren yang saya plih dari beberapa sumber di google. dengan Mengusung beberapa desain elegan 4 blok, semi transparan. Blok atas adalah judul ISP dan Custumer Service Online, sebelah kiri adalah informasi harga penggunaan paket akses, blok bagian tengah login user atau voucher pengguna hotspot, dan sebelah kanan adalah div bagian shoutbox yang mana user pra-login bisa bershout-shout ria lewat fitur ini.

Bukan hanya template untuk login saja, tetapi template html lainnya juga mengusung desain serupa, yaitu html Status dan Logout dan Redirect. Halaman status memperlihatkan berapa kuota penggunaan dan berapa lama waktu pengguna login dalam sistem hotspot kita. Halaman Logout adalah ucapan unik pada pelanggan "anda telah logout sampai jumpa lain waktu".
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Untuk instalasinya anda hanya perlu mengekstak file dan menguploadnya di mikrotik Via Winbox atau fia FTP client. Paketan harga silahkan sesuaikan dengan Harga voucher yang anda inginkan.

Download Template Disini

Download Log In Desain Template Mikrotik Hostpot Gratis Paling Keren

Mungkin bagi kalian banyak yang belum tahu bagaimana cara bermain game di laptop, pc,komputer atau sepertihalnya bermain PS (Playstation) baik itu PS2, PS1, PS3, PS4 dan laim-lain sebagainya. PC, Laptop, Komputer sebetulya adalah teknologi yang sangat canggih yang juga bisa memainkan beberapa game android bila kalian tahu bagaimana caranya, supaya game android bisa dihubungkan dengan Laptop.

Berikut artikel ini akann mengupas sedikit tentang,

Cara main game android di laptop ?

Cara memainkan game android di pc tanpa emulator ?

Cara download game di komputer ?

Cara download game di laptop windows 8

Cara download game di laptop windows 7

Cara Bermain PS2 di PC/Laptop

Untuk bermain PS2 di PC/Laptop, dibutuhkan spesifikasi di bawah ini:

OS: Windows Vista/Windows 7 (32 bit atau 64 bit) with the latest DirectX
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.2 GHz or better - i3/i5/i7 @ 2.8 GHz or better - AMD Phenom II @ 3.2 GHz or better
GPU: 8800gt or better (for Direct3D10 support)
RAM: 1 GB on Linux/Windows XP, 2 GB or more on Vista/Windows 7

Download Bahan-Bahannya:

1. Download PCSX2 - Emulator PS2 untuk PC/Laptop
2. Download Bios PCSX2
3. Download File ISO Game PS2 - Pilih dan download game PS2 yang sobat inginkan

Cara Install:

1. Buka dan Install file PCSX2.exe seperti biasa.

2. Pilih Configure pada PAD (Jika ingin menggunakan keyboard). Jika ingin menggunakan Controller, Gamepad, atau Stick, sobat tidak perlu mengaturnya.

3. Selanjutnya, sobat hanya tinggal memilih Bios. Klik Browse lalu cari tempat dimana sobat menaruh file Bios tadi. Jika sudah, klik Refresh list.

4. Lalu sobat hanya tinggal memilih game yang berupa file ISO yang telah di download. Pilih menu CDVD > Iso Selector > Cari file ISO gamenya.

5. Lalu sobat tinggal menjalankannya. Pilih menu System > Reboot CDVD (Full) atau (Fast). Lalu gamenya akan berjalan.

Nah, itulah cara mudah untuk bermain game PS2 di PC/Laptop. Tentunya dengan cara ini sangat mudah sekali untuk dilakukan. Selamat mencoba ya!

Download dan Cara Bermain Game PS Di Laptop, PC, Komputer (Playstation 2)

I had relationship for about 3 years but it end up becase my ex cheat on me. I think I'm going to find a serious man for being mu husband by these types :p : 

1. The Provider
He puts family first, always. He's a selfless man, who lives to please those he cares most about. He's the kind of man who can work two jobs in his sleep, always has a side-hustle in mind to earn more money, and guards his savings with his life. He can't rest until he knows the ones he loves are okay. He strives for perfection at home and in the office. Work-life balance is very important to him, but if missing time with his loved ones means a better life for them, he's always game to put in the overtime and take one for the team. Words like "no," "can't," and "impossible," are just not in his vocabulary, and when he hears others use them, it only increases his devotion to the task at hand.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: Marriage is the start of a new family -- your family. You will both want to provide for the family you create together, and it's imperative that you are partners with the same goals in mind. That said, there will be times when one person just cannot do as much as the marriage (or family) requires -- such is life. Marrying a natural-born provider will be a huge plus when the scales in your marriage tip, as they inevitably will at different points along your path.

2. The Rock
At your weakest moments, his strength keeps you stable and inspires you to push through. He isn't immune to pain or frustration, but he does handle it well, and he knows how to pull himself out of low places. He's the kind of man who never misses your call when he knows you need to get something off your chest, or better, just a friend to be there for you. Speaking of chests, his is always there for you to lean on, squeeze, and find comfort in when it feels like only a hug will do.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: He's loyal, devoted, and a true pillar in the world of the woman he loves. This is the perfect recipe for a loving husband that you can count on through thick and thin; what woman doesn't dream of marrying one of those?

3. The Critical Thinker
There isn't a problem, big or small, that he isn't itching to solve. He's a quick, solid, thinker, who hates to be backed into a corner. He doesn't just see the problem in front of him; he sees a road map of the many solutions available to him and takes his time as he determines the best way to get there, or the course of action he must take. He is patient, because he has to be -- rushing things is rarely the answer and he knows this. He's diligent, focused, and considers himself a mental Olympian of sorts.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: Marriage is truly beautiful, but it comes with its share of problems, and its rough patches. Happier times aren't always just around the bend -- getting there may require a detailed plan and thinking smarter, not harder. He will make a great team player during the moments where the only way to win is to work together, and trust me, those moments can and will arise in marriage.

4. The Believer
When the world around him comes crumbling down and the sun seems as if it will never rise again, this man still believes -- his faith is his foundation. It gets him through the good and the bad, and it never falters. He believes in the things unseen and those that many give up on when the world turns cold: hope, morals, kindness, and good will. He has a church home, or a religious mainstay in his life and the fellowship refuels his engines. He's God-fearing (whoever his God) and he's proud of his strong beliefs. His moral compass is always turned in a positive direction, and he refuses to accept failure. He helps others and chooses to live his life in a way he believes others should live theirs.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: This man has the emotional tools needed in his toolbox to repair many of the cracks and dents that will inevitably appear in any marriage. He's a fighter, and he will fight with you and for your marriage. He won't give up, even when you do.

5. The Free Spirit

Spending time with this man never gets old. He believes that life is about living and therefore is virtually immune to the physical afflictions caused by stress and worry. It's not that he doesn't feel those emotions; he just refuses to let them consume him. He stays positive and seeks to enjoy all aspects of his life, as much as humanly possible. He has most likely chosen a career he loves over one that pays all the bills. Therefore he's just as passionate about his work as he can be about feeding his cravings for new adventures. He enjoys traveling and most likely has a bucket list at least a quarter complete. He doesn't believe in wasting time worrying about what can't happen and prefers to shift his focus to what can. With him, there's never a dull moment at home, in the bedroom, or when you're out and about. His inner light shines through and warms the spirits of those around him. He keeps life exciting -- almost as if, each day he presses the refresh button.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: Spending the rest of your life with the same person, doing many of the same things can be as boring or as exciting as you make it. Marrying this man ensures that one pitfall your marriage won't ever fall into is that of pure and utter boredom. It sounds simple, but it's so important.

5 Types of Man I find to be My Husband

7 Features You Must Have on Smartphones Nowadays, Do you have it?

We know that nowadays technological development, especially smartphones are very fast developing. Smartphone manufacturers are beginning to include a variety of interesting features that make smartphone functions more and more interesting. Even so, we have to be smart in choosing what features we really need in a smartphone.
Well, I will tell you what features need to be on Smartphones Nowadays. Interested to find out? Check out these 7 features! 

1. Face Unlock 

Face unlock is a security feature that must be present on today's smartphones. This feature allows the user to open the smartphone quickly using a user's face that has previously been scanned in the security settings. By using this feature, you will be able to unlock your screen faster without the hassle of entering your screen lock password so that you can use your smartphone effectively and efficiently. 

2. Fingerprint Scanner 

This feature allows users to unlock smartphones without having to enter a screen password. The difference is this security feature uses fingerprints in its use. To be able to use this feature you must first scan your fingerprint on the security settings. After the scanner has identified your fingerprint, you can use this feature to unlock the screen by placing your finger on the scanner. 

3. IR Blaster

IR blaster (Infra-red blaster) is a feature that you can use to control other electronic devices such as air conditioners and TV. In addition to controlling electronic devices, IR blaster is also used by some cellphone manufacturers for better facial recognition, so you can use face unlock in a dim state or even without light at all.

4. Fast Charging 

Fast charging is a feature that makes a smartphone with a large battery capacity able to charge batteries quickly. 

5. NFC 

NFC (Near Field Communication) is one of the features that smartphone manufacturers are beginning to present because of its diverse functions.
NFC can be used for various needs such as online payment, connecting to devices that support NFC, to sharing files instantly. Although the use of payment instruments using NFC is not very popular in Indonesia, someday NFC will become a practical payment tool, so consider buying a smartphone that already has NFC. 

6. USB Type C 

USB (Universal Serial Bus) Type C is a new standard in cable connectivity in the world of technology. This type of USB offers ease of use compared to the previous type of USB.
By using this type of USB you will no longer have the hassle of finding the right position to insert this USB into a port. In addition, USB type C designers have made a kind of "click" feature so that you are sure that this USB is installed properly.

7. Slot Micro SD 

For those of you who like to play games let alone collect lots of large size games, you also need to prepare an external storage such as a memory card.
So for you who will store a lot of data in your smartphone, you should look for a smartphone that has a micro SD slot so you can increase the storage capacity of your smartphone. 
That's 7 features that you need to be on Smartphones Nowadays. What other features do you think that should be possessed by smartphones nowadays?

The Mobile Phones of Back Then VS Smartphones of Today

7 Features You Must Have on Smartphones Nowadays, Do you have it?

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